Unlocking Potential

Human potential is infinite.
Manhattan Project - creation of nuclear bomb in 1940s.
Apollo Program - man landing on the moon in 1969.

Now we have internet, iPhone, Google, Facebook, Uber for everything and core fabric of our society (human interactions) has already changed.

Moore's Law remains in place and visionaries like Musk, Kurzweil and Diamandis are showing us the power of exponential thinking and exponential technologies.

I'm commited to long-lasting meaningful positive impact in a "effective altruism" way - realising unique skills and weaknesses, staying in the flow and always learning.

Global warming, tipping points and "plan B"

Climate change denial is equivalent to flat earth. It's OK to have opinions, it's not OK to ignore scientific data.

Islands on Pacific, Bangladesh, Middle East, Subsaharan Africa, hurracines, forest firest - everyone is affected and even if a country is in a privileged position, there will be massive migrations and refugee crisis on an unprecedented scale.

What if climate is beyond point of repair? Getting ready for apocalypse scenario, designing affordable shelter with all the life supporting systems. We will solve many interesting problems in the process, some of the solution will help avoid the "plan B" scenario.

Current status: Hacker Trip to China

Seeking my home, stability, base.
Escaping winter, choosing happiness.
Finding balance, as with everything.