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Singularity is near or maybe it has already happened?

Summary of my work

2020: medium.com/@basexisland/summary-of-marss-environmental-and-economic-work-c433b1dd1120
2022: medium.com/@marsrobertson/so-what-do-you-do-ba0f598af5c3


Putting global supply chain on the blockchain.

Accounting for CO2 as first class citizen.

Trade financing. Invoice factoring. Tokenisation.

Transparent taxation. Rebuilding trust in institutions.


Analysing my own data, my own email inbox, uncovering relationships from the past.

If Google and Facebook make profit of my data, I decided to change the game.

Marketing is everything. Sales is everything.

Let's find out what we can do with this technology...

System Change (Planetary Council)

Architecting a new world, operating system for the planet(s)

Island DAO

Read the debrief: islanddao.org/debrief


Research centre.

Innovation hub.

Impact investment.

Raising 💰💰💰 to buy the island.

So much potential, so much opportunity...

Constantly evolving our stytelling game. Inifnite potential, check the basexisland.com website and recent post on Medium.

Other projects

• Check my book: genesis.re/book


Freedom of speech - YES.

Freedom of press - YES.

Freedom of conscience - YES.

Weaponized psychometric data misuse fake news hybrid warfare propaganda aimed at vulnerable civilian population - NO.

Things are so bad, I'm personally affected by geopolitical instabilities related to the climate breakdown.

I'm in the "deep adaptation" camp - I'm hoping environmental activists will level up media storytelling game and the mainstream will pick it up.

Decentralized Dispute Resolution System

kleros.io - Fellowhship of Justice - blog.kleros.io

LegalScreenshot.com and LegalPrintscreen.com - two domains for sale and/or business potential


Back in a day I was involved in the project. Poor financial investment, too much mission, too little business, starting BaseX island cashflow first. Treating the astralship as the learning experience.

Obstacle Course Racing

Healthy body, healthy mind. Group flow, adrenaline, competition. Love the sport!

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15K, 76 obstacles, more than 3 hours on the course. They say „test your kit first” but the weather forecast was changing and literally the day before got some neoprene vest to keep me warm... Good call. The energy gels were spot on as well. Despite all of these preparations, I have not completed all the obstacles. No bragging rights, just an impulse to work. #focus #passion #commitment #discipline #ocrwc #ocrwc2019 Thinking about my #mastermind and various ways of expressing #creativity and #energy ⚡️⚡️⚡️

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The book is free because information is always free.

If you like it and want support my work, here are some referral links: genesis.re/ref

COP24 United Nations

I kid you not, I lost all the hope. Politicians are not hackers, they are good at negotiating but missing essential skills:

See this idea about accounting for externalities of money: tweet

See this Nobel Prize in Economics laureate data-based approach: tweet

Kleros hackathon and Baseline proposal related to supply chain and SEZ.network.

See the E-Estonia Voluntary Tax P2P Personal Tokens UBI Blockchain DAO - it would be dishonour to win the Nobel Prize in Economics before Satoshi Nakamoto but I'm open to such possibility in the future...

I am involved in Estonia DAO - integrating E-Residency programme with new models of trust and governance. Blockchain changes everything! Voting with my brainpower, operating BaseX as Estonian company (island being in the Estonia helps quite a lot)

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Andy Warhol quote: “Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” Voting with my brainpower. Pick and choose jurisdictions - I will use 🇪🇪 Estonia as a framework and incorporate “Asset Lock” a thingy present in “Community Interest Company” from the UK 🇬🇧 #Estonia #eResidency #eResident #hacktheplanet #hacktheplanets #dearmoon #dearmoonproject @yusaku2020 @dearmoonproject coming at you ⚡️⚡️⚡️ #BaseX #basexisland @spectrumdomes still waiting for your quote, thank you so much, you are my hero!

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Mental shift from "taxation is a theft" to "annual subscription for governance services". When you think about it, $100k onboarding fee and 10% voluntary tax is a pretty decent business model and generous lifetime customer value.

Some of my ideas are too radical, outside of the "overton window" and quite often I'm misunderstood. I remain faithful to my 10x moonshot thinking - I believe that only radical system change can prevent catastrophic climate change.

Portable embassy of Liberland

Ensuring freedom of thought jurisdiction.

Public Speaking

Google Doc with my bio.

Consultancy, advisory, "pick my brain"

There is always abundance of ideas!

Not all of them are good, but if you have 100, you can shortlist 10, then work on 3 that are most impactful, intersecting, within your jurisdiction, available now...

I am extraordinary when comes to connecting dots, making introductions, finding that tweet from 2017 that has a link to that article that mentions that guy...

Use my experience, book an introductory call: calendly.com/marsxr/basex

Failures and life lessons

Many situations when I should know better, established priorities, listened to feedback, trusted intuition, made decisions with a pure mindset.

Such a beautiful failure - astralship.org - realising human potential to heal the planet. Human brain has infinite capacity + neuroplasticity + neurogenesis + constant flow.

Too bad I was poor at cashflow management (always learning) and now I'm back in London, back to the "working class".

Flow and abundance

50 Primary Universal Laws